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The small village of Maryville sits in the southeastern region of Illinois, just miles away from the great Mississippi River. In 1902, it was known for being a small community of miners and their families due to the booming coal industry. Maryville is full of recreational parks, outdoor activities, and gorgeous views of the Mississippi River. The village was given the nickname "The Gateway City" because of its access to various transportation routes to the big city of St.Louis. Take a hike through one of the many parks or find a nearby river dock for a pleasant boating and fishing trip. Other popular places to visit in Maryville include the Villa Marie Winery, Boogies Bar, and Grumpy Bob's Emporium.

Too much humidity or extremely low temperatures are just a few factors that can hinder healthy grass growth. Our team is familiar with the Illinois climate and experienced with taking great care of lawns in the Maryville area. Our fertilization, aeration, and other essential lawn care services will help keep your grass healthy and strong. Reach out to our team to schedule a service for your residential or commercial property.

Comprehensive Lawn Care Services Including Fertilization & Pest Control Treatments

Grub worms in a lawn near Maryville, Illinois.

Besides water and sunlight, your grass needs key nutrients to keep its underground root systems strong. Healthy grass blades stem from well-nourished soil and a yard free of weeds. We offer a 6-step fertilization program that gives your soil the care and nutrient boost it needs to create a thick, green turf. It runs from early spring to late fall and includes 3 weed control treatments.

Thatch is a layer of dead grass and other organic matter that sits between your soil and grass blades. When that layer gets too thick, it blocks nutrients from reaching your soil and the roots of your grass. A dethatching and core aeration service will break up the thatch and soil and open your root system to more water, sunlight, and nutrients.

Warmer weather makes you want to sit outside and take it all in, but there's a ton of pesky bugs waiting to ruin it for you. We offer effective nuisance pest control services that target bothersome bugs like mosquitos, fleas, ticks, gnats, and more. Prevent underground pests like grubs from tearing through your turf by scheduling preventative and curative grub control treatments.

There are a number of reasons why someone may need to establish a new lawn. Whether you've bought a new house, acquired property that's still under construction, or want to simply get rid of your damaged turf altogether, we have a solution for you. Our company offers both sod and seeding options for properties in need of grass. Our team will help you decide what's best!

Schedule Full-Service Lawn Maintenance Services Such As Leaf Removal, Trimming, & Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing gives your grass the haircut it needs when it begins to grow too tall and unruly. This service also includes edging sidewalks and curbs, string-trimming around landscape beds, and blowing grass clippings away from your property.

Regular trimming and pruning services will not only keep your lawn looking tidy but will also help prevent any diseases from spreading to the rest of your shrubs.

Mulch and rock are landscape elements that are essential in protecting your plants from extreme weather conditions. They're both decorative and functional groundcovers that help with weed prevention, soil insulation, and moisture retainment.

Fall is fun until you're the one left to pick up all of the leaves! Let us make your life easier with our leaf removal service. You can schedule our crew to blow the leaves off of your lawn and dispose of them. However, if you have already raked, we also offer just disposal services where we use our vacuum truck to remove your leaf piles.

Seasonal yard cleanups give your lawn a more tidy look after seasonal changes bring unwanted debris and a messy appearance to your landscape. Our company offers both spring and fall yard cleanups that include maintenance services like lawn mowing, debris removal, cleaning out landscape beds, and more.

Our Additional Services Include Holiday Lighting & Trash Bin Cleaning

Trash bin cleaning logo for Element Turf & Outdoor Solutions, LLC in Maryville, Illinois.

Your winter checklist probably includes tasks like shoveling snow, hanging Christmas lights, and starting your holiday shopping. Let us check a few of those tasks off your list! We offer professional holiday lighting and decorations for both homes and businesses. Our commercial snow removal and deicing services help businesses remain safely open in the wintertime.

Never worry about the terrible smell and grime in your garbage can again! We offer curbside trash bin cleaning that includes a 5-step cleaning process. This convenient service removes stench, bacteria, and built-up dirt from your outdoor garbage can.

Get in touch with our team to request a quote today.

Our company strives to make your life much easier with our comprehensive lawn services. We'll become your go-to for lawn treatments, pest control, and overall landscape needs. For over 10 years we've provided excellent customer service, quality lawn care, and unmatched client retention. Give us a call at (618) 467-7047 or fill out an online form to request a quote.

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