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Lawn grub worms in a home's yard in Godfrey, IL.

Grub Control Services in Godfrey, Edwardsville, & Glen Carbon, Illinois

Protect your lawn from damaging pests with our expert grub control treatments.

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Grub Control Treatments in Godfrey, Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, IL, & Surrounding Cities

Give your lawn the best protection during the growing season with our preventative and curative grub control treatments.  

Lawn grub worm up close in a yard near Edwardsville, Illinois.

As the growing season approaches, be sure that your lawn is fully protected from lawn-killing grubs. Your grass begins to come out of dormancy in early spring and so do these common pests. Grubs have a voracious appetite for grass roots because they're fueling themselves for their upcoming transition into adult beetles. The more they eat, the more damage they do to your lawn. Not to mention, your warm soil is the perfect home for them and they don't plan on leaving unless they're forced out. It's best to take advantage of our preventative grub control before a few harmless bugs turn into an insect infestation. If you suspect you may have grub damage but aren't quite sure, there are a few signs you can look for in your lawn such as brown patches, spongey spots, and carpet-like turf. We offer curative treatments for clients who are already dealing with grub damage.

If your property is located in Godfrey, Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, IL, or a surrounding city and your lawn is in need of preventative or curative grub control, contact our team to schedule a service today!

Preventative & Curative Grub Control 

Don't let your hard work of keeping your lawn healthy and green go to waste due to grub damage. Take action now by opting for our preventative grub control treatments. This is the best way to protect your lawn from grub damage because it's applied in early spring which prevents grub eggs from hatching while targeting new ones that may have already hatched. 

While we hope that we can rid your lawn of gubs before they become a problem, we know that grubs are hard to spot and can go undetected for some time. Once they reach a certain stage in their life cycle, preventative treatments can no longer help. However, we do offer a curative treatment that will eradicate the majority of grubs from your lawn no matter what stage they're in. Curative treatments are most effective from early fall starting in September through the early spring season, ending in May. 

Most Common Signs of Grub Damage

Grub damage to a lawn near Godfrey, IL.

  • If you notice that your lawn is less dense and more spongey, grubs may be lurking within your soil. Spongey or springy turf is one of the early signs of grub damage and stems from grubs feeding on your grass roots.
  • Brown patches that won't green up are a dead giveaway of grub damage that may have occurred the previous Fall. The best way to tell if the brown patches are due to grub feeding would be to lift up a piece of your turf. The dead patch will roll up like a carpet or the pulled grass will be rootless if grubs are indeed behind the damage. 
  • Rodents like birds, skunks, and moles will have an increased presence on your property if grubs are present. You'll start to notice random dug-up spots in your lawn as these rodents tear through your grass to eat to the grubs. 
  • Although grubs aren't easy to spot, if you do happen to see small, white C-shaped larvae crawling through your lawn, that's a definite sign of a grub presence, and you should call our team as soon as possible. 

Keep grubs out of your lawn by contacting our team about our preventative and curative grub control treatments. 

The most frustrating scenario for a homeowner is to deal with a grub infestation at the start of the growing season. Let us help you keep your lawn healthy and damage-free with our professional preventative and curative grub control treatments. We provide our services to properties in Godfrey, Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, IL, and the surrounding cities. Give us a call at (618) 467-7047 to schedule a grub control treatment today!

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