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We offer sod installation to properties in Alton, Godfrey, Edwardsville, IL and nearby areas.

Our team correctly prepares the soil before laying down the sod to ensure it will take root properly.

The easiest way for you to get a vibrant lawn is to install sod. Whether you recently bought a new property or you want to get a new lawn, our sod installation services will get you an instantly green turf! Our pros use excellent cool-season grass types that offer a lush green color to your property and exceptional tolerance to stressful conditions. As with all lawns, we recommend that you take care of your newly installed sod by giving it enough water.

Our experts at Element Turf & Outdoor Solutions, LLC ensure we prepare your lawn correctly before laying down the sod so the roots can establish properly. We provide our sod installation services for properties in Alton, Godfrey, Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Maryville, IL, and neighboring communities.

Our Sod Installation Process

At Element Turf & Outdoor Solutions, LLC, we provide high-quality services through and through that is why our experts start the sod installation process by making sure the soil is prepared correctly. Our area in Illinois is home to beautiful and competitive cool-season grasses, so our team makes sure the installation process is correct and thorough to encourage the proper development of your sod. We've laid down our process for you below.

  • Our team will prepare your lawn to make way for your new sod. We will remove any debris like sticks, twigs, and rocks. Our pros will also get rid of any remaining grass to ensure we can lay down the sod in a blank slate of soil.
  • After preparing the lawn, we will roll out the sod like a carpet until all soil is covered. Once we roll it out and find any patchy areas between the rolls, our team will fill it in with extra sod to ensure your grass covers the entire lawn completely.
  • Once we have laid down the sod, we will use a large roller to press down on the sod to secure it and ensure it will begin to establish.
  • Trust the process. It will take a few weeks for the grass to form a root system and become established in the soil.

When we install your sod, we will also apply a fertilizer rich in phosphorus to boost your sod's root development.

Taking Care of Your Newly Installed Sod

The best way you can take care of your newly installed sod is to water it regularly. The first two weeks after installing the sod is crucial, so we recommend that you water your new lawn twice every day for about 30 to 90 minutes each. After week 2, you'll be able to mow your lawn for the first time and cut back the watering schedule to once per day. At the 4-week mark, your lawn will be fully established and you can go back to a typical watering schedule, which is about every other day.

Avoid walking on your freshly installed sod to prevent damaging the roots.

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Nobody wants a less-than-stellar lawn! That's why our team at Element Turf & Outdoor Solutions, LLC provides sod installation services to give you an instantly vibrant lawn that is nothing short of gorgeous. Our process involves carefully and thoroughly preparing the lawn before we roll out the sod carpet to ensure your new grass will have good soil to establish. We provide our services to homes and businesses in Alton, Godfrey, Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Maryville, IL, and surrounding areas. Call us today at (618) 467-7047 to schedule!

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