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We provide spring cleanups for properties in Alton, Godfrey, Edwardsville, IL and nearby areas.

Our spring cleanups involve debris removal, preparing your landscape beds, and lawn mowing.

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Beneath the soft snow in winter lies debris like sticks, twigs, and leftover leaves from the fall. Once spring rolls around and the snow melts, you'll discover that your property is probably pretty messy and your plants are struggling to emerge from dormancy. We can help you make spring a season of rebirth! Our spring cleanup services will help your landscape recover from winter and prepare it for the growing season by removing debris, preparing your landscape beds, and mowing your lawn.

Our services are available to residential and commercial properties in Alton, Godfrey, Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Maryville, IL and neighboring communities. You can also take advantage of popular add-on services like fertilization, pruning, and core aeration. If you own a commercial property, our planting services for annual flowers are available for you!

What do our spring cleanup services include?

Just the idea of tackling wet, soggy leaves on your yard after winter seems daunting. You can leave that task to our professionals at Element Turf & Outdoor Solutions, LLC. If your property is located in or around Alton, we can provide our spring cleanup service to you so that you can enjoy the revitalizing energy that comes with the spring season. When you schedule our spring cleanups, we will perform these services:

  • Debris and leaf removal: We will remove sticks, twigs, and leftover leaves from the fall. Our crew makes sure to inspect every corner of your yard to ensure we are not missing a spot. We will also haul them away so you won't have to deal with throwing away the debris. If you want to use them for compost, our pros can help you achieve that!
  • Preparing landscape beds: Our crew will handle the necessary preparations so your landscape beds are ready for new plants and the summer season. We will make sure the edges of your landscape beds are crisp and neat as well as add a new layer of mulch.
  • Lawn mowing: We recognize the significance of lawn mowing in spring. Timing is important and you can trust us to never mow too early and risk causing more harm than good. Our team will wait until your spring grass has grown about two inches, which usually means it has already taken root. The general rule of thumb when mowing is to cut only a third of the height of the grass and that's precisely what our team will do.

Make sure you schedule our spring cleanups on or before March 15 every year so your lawn does not miss out on the benefits of our services!

Take advantage of available add-on services for better lawn health and appearance.

Most of our clients love to take their lawn game to the next level - that's why they always take advantage of popular add-on services on top of our already comprehensive spring cleanups. These services will not only improve your lawn's health but also enhance its appearance and vigor. Here are additional services you can schedule so your lawn can get the most out of our top-rated care:

  • Fertilization gives your lawn the much-needed boost to flourish in the summer months.
  • Pruning keeps your plants in great shape and health by removing dead and diseased branches.
  • Spring annuals for your commercial property will add some bursts of colors to your business.
  • Core aeration will open up your soil to improve nutrient and water absorption, promoting healthy grass growth.

Call us today to schedule our spring cleanup services!

Our company is top-rated in the lawn care industry. We provide your lawn with professional spring cleanups to ensure that it can recover from winter and is in a good condition to thrive in the growing season. Aside from the primary inclusions of debris removal, preparation of landscape beds, and lawn mowing, property owners can also take advantage of add-on services like fertilization, pruning, and core aeration. Our planting services are also available for business owners.

We happily serve homes and businesses in Alton, Godfrey, Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Maryville, IL and nearby communities. Call us today at (618) 467-7047 to schedule our spring cleanups! Remember, we only accept spring cleanup requests until March 15 every year!

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