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We transform homes and businesses in Hartford, IL with our lawn care and maintenance services.

Our services include fertilization, overseeding, mowing, and more.

Nestled in Southwest Illinois along the east portion of the Mississippi River lies Hartford, IL. More than 1,000 people call this 5.44-square mile village home. This village is home to where famous explorers Lewis and Clark made camp in the winter before they traveled up the Missouri River and you can visit this landmark at the Lewis & Clark Historic Site.

At Element Turf & Outdoor Solutions, LLC, we offer high-quality lawn care and maintenance services to residential and commercial property owners in the Hartford, IL area.

We offer a variety of high-quality lawn care services.

Ensuring your grass is at its best health and appearance throughout the year takes a lot of work. Our fertilization and weed control treatments will give your turf everything it needs to remain strong, vibrant, and thriving all year round.

Our core aeration and overseeding services are annual fall lawn care services best paired together for your cool-season lawn in Hartford, IL. Aerating your lawn opens channels for vital resources to reach the roots of your turf, while overseeding promotes new growth to fill in bare patches on your yard.

We can also help you establish your turf with our new lawn services. We offer sod installation and new lawn seeding services to help you get a beautiful new lawn.

Protect your lawn from a variety of pests with our pest control treatments.

Professional applying pest control treatment to property in Hartford, IL.

Pests can be a real nuisance, and you'll want to eliminate them from your property so that you can enjoy time in your outdoor area without having to worry about getting bit. We offer pest control treatments to eliminate pests such as mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and more from your property.

Grubs are also a big problem for lawns in Hartford, IL as they can leave your turf unanchored to the soil. Let our grub control treatments take care of removing these pests for you!

Our lawn and landscape maintenance services include mowing, trimming, leaf removal, yard cleanups, and more.

Nothing makes us happier than providing our comprehensive full-service maintenance program to homes and businesses in Hartford, IL. This program will keep your property looking its best throughout the year.

Regular lawn mowing keeps your grass at the desired height to look neat and healthy. Sign up for our lawn mowing program today so you can rest easy knowing your grass is in good hands! Our trimming and pruning services are also available if you need help maintaining your trees and shrubs. If you're looking for an excellent groundcover for your landscape beds, our mulch and rock installation service is perfect for you.

Removing leaves in your yard is a time-consuming job. Leave that task to our skilled crew with our leaf removal services! We can pick up leaves on your curb or perform full-service removal, so you have fewer tasks on your hands.

Take advantage of our spring and fall yard cleanups as well! Our team will remove debris that may affect the health of your turf and handle other tasks like bed reshaping and trimming to improve your landscape beds' appearance.

We offer additional services like snow removal and trash bin cleaning.

Trash bin cleaning truck servicing a bin in Hartford, IL.

Our team likes to go above and beyond for the residents of Hartford, IL and its surrounding communities. That is why we offer additional services like commercial snow removal. With our plows, shovels, and snow blowers, our team will ensure your commercial property is safe for you, your staff, and your customers.

We also have a 5-step trash bin cleaning service that will turn your smelly and dirty garbage cans into clean, fresh-smelling ones!

We also offer a holiday lighting installation service!

Call us today to schedule our lawn care and maintenance services.

At Element Turf & Outdoor Solutions, LLC, we are always up to the task of ensuring lawns and landscapes are at their best no matter the season. We offer our services to property owners in Hartford, IL and throughout the surrounding areas. Call our pros today at (618) 467-7047 to schedule any of our lawn care and maintenance services!

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