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Let Us Do the Dirty Work For You. We offer trash bin cleaning services for clients in Alton and surrounding Illinois areas.

We clean, sanitize, and deodorize garbage cans to keep the stink, bacteria, and unwanted pests away.

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There's nothing worse than opening your garbage can and seeing an unsightly display of grime and bugs, followed by an unavoidable stench. Taking out the trash is an inevitable part of life and unfortunately, it can't be subbed out, ignored, or delayed. Be that as it may, our company offers a convenient cleaning service where we come directly to your home to rid your garbage can of built-up dirt, stench, and bacteria. Our eco-friendly process includes debris removal, high-pressured hot water sanitation, and exterior and interior deodorization.

After our service, you'll feel a lot better about taking out the trash knowing you now have a fresh-smelling, spotless trash can. Contact us to schedule a cleaning service for your Alton, Godfrey, Edwardsville, or Glen Carbon, IL property.

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Our 5-Step Cleaning Process

Trash can being professionally cleaned in Alton, Illinois.

This is a new service we're offering to Alton and the surrounding areas because we know how uncomfortable it is to constantly have to come in contact with something that's so... dirty. With that being said, our team follows a 5-step cleaning process to make sure your garbage can is sparkling clean and fresh by the end of this process.

Our 5-step cleaning process:

  • Step 1: We will inspect your can, removing and bagging any leftover debris.
  • Step 2: After debris removal, we'll load your can into the hopper which collects any waste or trash we may have missed, and begins the sanitation process.
  • Step 3: Our hopper uses high-pressured hot water, free of chemicals, to thoroughly wash your can with a 360-degree cleaning head. Any stubborn residue is manually removed.
  • Step 4: We spray the inside and outside of your can with an eco-friendly deodorizer to neutralize any existing odor.
  • Step 5: Your fresh-smelling can is returned to the curb, cleaned, and ready to go!

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Available Service Plans

We know that garbage can usage varies from house to house depending on the number of family members and other internal factors, so we offer a variety of service plans to accommodate each home. Pricing is for one garbage can.

Our available service plans include:

$11.95 Monthly
$18.95 Bi-Monthly
$24.95 Quarterly
$28.95 One-Time

Additional Bins: $8.00 per service

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Why You Should Regularly Clean Your Trash Can

Before and after photos of trash bin cleaning services performed in Edwardsville, Illinois.
  • The most unpleasant part about taking out the trash is dealing with the awful stench. After constant disposal of rotting food, trash bag leaks, diapers, and other soiled items, your garbage can is bound to develop a foul smell. Regularly cleaning your trash can will eliminate this odor.
  • Countless germs and bacteria began to evolve from the grime and dirt that surface on the inside and outside of your trash can. Thoroughly sanitizing your garbage can kills germs and keeps your family safe from harmful bacteria.
  • Rodents are attracted to odors and flies like to lay their eggs (maggots) in moist, organic matter. The unseen leaks from tears in trash bags create the perfect environment for these unwanted pests. Cleaning spills and wastes from your can eliminates odor and keeps flies away.
  • Knowing you have a clean garbage can makes taking the trash out less bothersome. You won't have to worry about the foul smell, accidentally smudging your clothes, or nasty bugs.

Schedule Regular Bin Cleaning

Get in touch with us to schedule a curbside cleaning service for your garbage can today.

Element Turf & Outdoor Solutions, LLC providing trash bin cleaning services at a home in Godfrey, IL.

Curbside trash can cleaning is convenient and ideal for homeowners who don't have time or simply don't want to do it themselves. Our company comes to you and does the dirty work for you so you're left with a clean and sanitized garbage can using our eco-friendly cleaning process.

If you live in the Alton, Godfrey, or Edwardsville, IL area, schedule your trash bin cleaning online or call us at (618) 467-7047 to schedule a cleaning service today!

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