Sod is a great way to get an instantly green lawn. Don't let the green grass fool you, though, it will still need some care and attention before its root system is fully developed. There is a strict watering schedule to follow for the first month after installation to avoid it drying out in the Illinois summer heat. This schedule is split up into 3 parts: day 1, days 2-14, and weeks 3-4. By following a strict watering schedule and staying off the sod until it is established, you'll have a strong, healthy lawn in no time!

Sod Watering Schedule: Day 1

Hand watering freshly installed sod in East Alton, IL.

It is extremely important that your new sod never has a chance to dry out. Therefore, watering it right away on installation day is a must. A few factors will determine how much and how long to water your lawn: the temperature, your soil type, and the type of sprinkler you are using. Your sod will need a lot of water on the first day, so plan to schedule your sprinkler to run for 30 to 90 minutes.

Another tip for watering your sod on installation day is to move in sections and focus on the rolls that were first laid down. This will prevent those rolls from drying out and shriveling up before you have a chance to water them.

We highly suggest using a sprinkler to water your sod because of the uniformity that it offers.

Sod Watering Schedule: Day 2-14

For the first 2 weeks after installation, it is crucial that you keep your sod hydrated by following a strict watering schedule. You'll want to water your lawn frequently but for a short amount of time. This will help the sod develop a root system and establish itself in your soil. A general rule is to water your sod about 2-4 times per day during weeks 1 and 2. The perimeter around your lawn and the seams between the pieces of sod are the first to dry out, so make sure you are paying attention to these areas and giving them adequate water.

Once you reach day 12 or 13, give the watering a rest for 1-2 days. This will help the soil firm up. After day 14, your sod will be ready to be mowed, but make sure the soil is firm before you run a mower over it.

Sod Watering Schedule: Week 3 & 4

Dew drops over sod in Moro, IL.

At this point, the roots of your sod are developed and established within your soil. During the 3rd week, you can cut back the watering to once a day. Once week 4 rolls around, you can cut back even further to watering every other day or even less, depending on the weather. This will be your sod watering schedule from this point forward!

During week 3 and beyond, infrequent, heavy waterings are your friend. This will give your grass the hydration it needs while avoiding giving your grass too much water and causing issues like turf disease development.

The best time to water your grass is early in the morning before the temperature gets too hot.

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