We never want it to come, but 2022's tick season is finally here. Ticks are cold-blooded pests that thrive during the warmer months of April through July in Illinois. To protect yourself and your loved ones from ticks, we recommend keeping your lawn clean and free from debris like leaf piles, twigs, sticks, and even pieces of old furniture since these are ideal hiding grounds for these pests. You should also use gravel or wood chips to create a barrier between your lawn and places where you and your family hang out to limit the migration of ticks to those areas. One of the most effective ways to prevent ticks from taking over your property is to sign up for a professional pest control treatment that targets these troublesome pests! Keep reading to learn more about how you can remain safe from ticks during the tick season!

Keep your lawn clean to eliminate places where ticks like to hide.

Sticks and debris pile where ticks hide in in Godfrey, IL.

The best way to start protecting your property from ticks is to keep your lawn clean and free from debris. Ticks love tall grass because it provides them with cool, dark, and moist areas to hang out. They also love tall grass because they can wait there for you or your pets to walk through it so they can latch themselves onto you or your pets to feed. By mowing your grass regularly, you will be eliminating one of their favorite places to hide!

It's also best to clear your lawn of debris because twigs, sticks, and leaf piles provide ideal breeding and hiding areas for ticks. Removing old pieces of furniture, organic matter, and other trash on your lawn would discourage ticks from taking residence on your property since they can also hide in these things.

Keeping your lawn free from debris helps prevent other pests like fleas and mosquitoes!

Put a barrier between your lawn and your recreational areas.

An effective way to protect your property from a tick infestation is to create a barrier between your lawn and the area where you and your loved ones usually hang out. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends a 3-foot barrier of gravel or wood chips to prevent ticks from traveling to your recreational areas. Using these materials establishes an effective 'tick barrier' that ticks have trouble crossing, especially when the weather gets warm and the barrier becomes too hot. Additionally, establishing a visual barricade reminds you and your guests to stay away from certain areas where ticks usually hide.

Sign Up For a Professional Tick Control Treatment

Professional using liquid treatment to prevent ticks from invading lawn in East Alton, IL.

While doing your part to protect your property from ticks goes a long way in saving yourself from the headaches of an infestation, signing up for a professional tick control service will effectively cut the legs out from under ticks! Tick control treatments typically utilize highly-effective pesticides that kill existing ticks on your lawn and prevent new ones from entering your property.

Save your property from a tick infestation. Call us today to schedule our pest control services!

If you want to protect your loved ones from troublesome ticks, we have just the solution for you! Our team at Element Turf & Outdoor Solutions, LLC offers pest control services to properties in Alton, Godfrey, Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Maryville, IL and nearby areas. Our treatments target ticks and other pests like fleas, mosquitoes, spiders, and mites! When you sign up for our pest control service, you can choose between our two packages that each provide protection against ticks. If you're ready to protect your property from a tick infestation, give us a call today at (618) 467-7047 to schedule our pest control services!