If you live in a seasonal climate, you may think your patio is only for warm weather and stash away the furniture and cushions until spring. Many people who live in cold climates don't want to give up their outdoor living just because it's a bit chilly. Here are a few suggestions that will help you enjoy your patio throughout the year.

Bring on the Heat

You can keep your backyard patio nice and toasty during the winter by adding a fire pit, fire table, or table-top heater. This allows you to still enjoy your outdoor space during the cold months. If you want to remove your fabric cushions during the winter, you can replace them with warm, fluffy blankets. Guests can use them to sit on or wrap them around their shoulders. Make sure your patio is covered and has at least two enclosed sides. One may be your house, and the other should be a screened or a glass enclosure. This will help contain the heat generated by a fire pit, barbecue grill, or table-top heater.

Cover Your Patio

Short of a thunderstorm, it's nice to sit outside on a rainy day, provided you have shelter. Even if you live in an area where it rains a lot, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy sitting outside any time of year. You can cover your patio with a permanent roof, which will provide shade during the summer. Louvered roofing that can be opened and closed as the weather permits is a popular alternative to a permanent roof. Sliding glass doors on the roof are another possibility. If you don’t want to go for a full-on roof, you can also put awnings over the patio for some extra shade and shelter from the rain. If you really want to go all out and have a big budget, try completely enclosing your patio to enjoy your patio comfortably in any weather.

Add Lighting

As winter approaches and the days get darker earlier, you may feel like it's time to go indoors when the sun sets. Not necessarily—with the right kind of strategically placed lighting, you can enjoy your patio well into the night. Lights that don't attract insects are available for gardens. You can use them to highlight a flower bed or swimming pool and turn your patio into a wonderland as the sun sets. Our experts can help you place LED lights and heaters that create a beautiful ambiance that is great for entertaining or simply enjoying the evening. The lights and heaters can also be integrated into your roofing system.

Patios, especially covered and protected ones, are a great way to add an extra room to your home while enjoying the outdoors. There is no need to shut down the patio when the weather turns cool if you follow a few simple suggestions to keep it an attractive and comfy living space all year long.

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