Having a home garden can be a great option for anyone that has a green thumb or wants to grow their own produce. While having a home garden can be a great experience, many people will find that keeping pests out can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are four tips that can be followed to keep pests out of your garden.

Introduce Beneficial Insects

While most people want to keep insects out of their garden, they can actually be beneficial when it comes to controlling pests. Direct Energy explains that aster, petunias, polygoniums, and St. John’s Wort are good at attracting hunting spiders, which will remove pests for you. If the idea of bringing in spiders doesn’t sit well with you, then try to attract ladybugs. Ladybugs like cosmos, sunflowers, yarrow, fennel, goldenrod, and marigolds. These insects, and certain types of plants, are shown to be able to help control your pest population. Some of the best plants that can prevent certain pests include marigold and lemon thyme.

Natural Pest Sprays

If you are trying to keep pests out, it can be easy to try to go to the gardening store and buy the most effective sprays possible. However, these sprays are often full of toxins and can be dangerous. Because of this, chemicals should only be saved for professional use. Instead, you should use more natural pest sprays. doTERRA explains that certain essential oils can be used to deter insects when used right.

Homemade Mix

You could also consider creating your own personal mix that can be designed to keep out certain pests. Depending on where you live, squirrels and cats could be a cause for damage to your garden. If you are struggling to control these pests, you should consider creating a quick mixture of flour, cayenne pepper, and dry mustard. This can then be sprinkled around the base of your garden. In these situations, it could help to prevent squirrels from even trying to access your garden.

Hire a Professional

Ultimately, if you are having any issues with pests in your garden, you should contact a professional. Preventive Pest Control explains that professional pest control companies are familiar with certain pest issues in your area and will be able to identify pests and locate the source of the issue. They will then be able to develop a plan to control these pests using natural solutions to keep your garden safe.

When you are looking to grow and maintain a garden, you will need to find ways to keep pests out. While this can be a hard thing to do permanently, following these four tips can help anyone to keep pests out. This can allow your garden to flourish.

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