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Core aeration at a home in Edwardsville, IL

Core Aeration & Dethatching

We remove built-up thatch and provide core aeration services to rejuvenate lawns and promote thick growth of your grass in Alton, Godfrey, and Edwardsville, IL, along with other nearby areas.

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Core Aeration & Dethatching Services in the Alton, Godfrey, and Edwardsville, IL Areas

A healthy lawn can go several years between core aeration sessions, which is probably why, like most homeowners in the Alton, Godfrey, and Edwardsville, IL areas, you may not have known about this necessary lawn service. At Element Turf & Outdoor Solutions, LLC, we provide all the equipment and knowledge necessary when it comes to dethatching and aerating your lawn to promote the thick and healthy growth of your grass.

What thatch is and why it needs to be removed.

Aeration and dethatching are key components to promoting healthy growth on your lawn. These sessions help your lawn breathe and better absorb nutrients. When lawns are denied these services, a layer of thatch will eventually grow beneath your lawn. Thatch is a layer of debris, roots, and dead grass that collects over time. This layer is wedged between the soil and blades of grass, blocking nutrition from where it needs to go.

If left untreated, thatch can:

  • Thicken into a mat
  • Absorb moisture that eventually promotes disease and becomes an insect breeding ground
  • Prevents water from getting to the roots where it is most needed
  • Causes your yard to go dull, brown, and have an overall unhealthy appearance

We're dethatching and aerating a lawn in Alton, IL.

Dethatch first, then Aerate!

To get your lawn back on track, hire professionals to perform a dethatching and aeration session for your lawn. Because this process is needed infrequently, most homeowners do not own the necessary equipment to perform either task. Contact us today at (618) 467-7047 for an estimate on your dethatching and aeration.

The Dethatching Process

Dethatching is the process of using a specialized rake or machine to slice the turf vertically and then rake up. This helps stimulate the grass and allows moisture to soak through to the roots. Dethatching should always be done prior to aeration.

Core Aerating Your Lawn

Core aeration is the process of punching holes into the lawn. These holes allow nutrients, water, and oxygen to enter the soil. What happens over time is that the soil becomes naturally compacted due to heavy rain, foot traffic, and vehicles driving over it. This process helps loosen the packed soil and allows your lawn to breathe and absorb nutrients properly again.

For cool season grasses, like those in the Alton, IL area, fall is the optimal time to schedule your core aeration & dethatching. Contact Element Turf & Outdoor Solutions, LLC today at (618) 467-7047 for an estimate on dethatching and aeration your lawn.

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