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Rock edging around a landscaping bed after leveling land in Alton, IL.

Additional Outdoor Services

Besides the variety of lawn maintenance and landscaping services we offer, we also have additional outdoor services like Bush Hogging, Land Leveling, and more that our customers in the Alton, Godfrey, and Edwardsville, IL areas can take advantage of. Call (618) 467-7047 for more information.

 Call (618) 467-7047

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Bush hog mowing an overgrown field in Alton, IL.

Bush Hogging Services

The Bush Hog is perfect when you need to cut overgrown tall weeds or brush. It attaches to the back of a tractor, providing a large cutting perimeter. This makes it convenient for use on fields, farms, large ditches, the area around a pond or lake, on medians, and roadways. With significantly more power than a lawn mower, this piece of machinery means business. If you have an over grown field or large area in the Alton, Godfrey, Edwardsville, that is being over taken by brush or weeds and needs more power than what you get from a basic lawn mower, give us a call at (618) 467-7047, and we’ll bring out the beast.

Leveling the land in a backyard in Godfrey, IL.

Residential Land Leveling & Grading

Some properties need your land leveled prior to installing landscaping to handle drainage issues. In short, this means we would figure out the high and low points of your property. Then we add dirt and grade until the land is level. This makes it much easier to properly water and care for your lawn and landscaping. If the slope of your lawn is slanting toward your home water can run toward your home, and potentially cause water damage or flooding of your home. If this is the case, correcting the grade of the property and then leveling needs to be a priority to prevent further or future damage. Regardless of the severity, we have the tools and experience to remedy the situation and make your property level.

Annuals planted during the spring in Godfrey, IL.

Annual Flower Plantings

Planting flowers on your own can add color and beauty to your landscaping, but requires a time commitment. Luckily, we offer an annual flowers package. This package is both cost efficient and convenient. Plus, it allows you to choose the seasonal colors you desire. It also guarantees you are getting the best and most popular annual flowers like the Geranium, Marigold, Pansy, Petunia, or many other choices we have in and around the Alton, IL area. We will make sure your annual flowers are beautiful and healthy every year! You, as the homeowner or business owner, can select from a fresh batch of beautiful flowers that we will plant every year!


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If you're looking for another service or are interested in bush hogging, land leveling/grading, annual flower plantings, or fertilization services, give us a call at (618) 467-7047 and speak with one of our team members to discuss your needs. You may also complete our online quote form and we'll reach out to you! We're located in Alton, IL, but our service areas extend to Godfrey, Edwardsville, and other surrounding areas. Also, be sure to read all of our online reviews from our many satisfied customers!

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